2023-12-22 Finn Johannsen – Trushmix Soul 217

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Shiva – What Does It Take

Mixed Emotions – Gold Of My Life

Moment Of Truth – You Got Me Hummin’

Chapter Three – I‘ll Never Be The Same

L.J. Johnson – 24 Hours A Day

Ronnie Walker – You‘ve Got To Try Harder

Final Touch – I’m Ready To Give Up My Love

Ruby Andrews – I Wanna Be Near You

Philly Devotions – I Just Can’t Make It

Blue Magic – Look Me Up

Truth – Touch Me

Barbara Lewis – The Stars

Ruby Andrews – Just Lovin‘ You

Valentino – I Was Born This Way

Lynn Cavanaugh – If You Want Respect

Sunstreet – Lovin

Caress – Opportunity

The Fantastic Puzzles – Come Back (Part 1)

Ralph Graham – What Am I To Do

Flipside – Havin‘ A Party

David Rhodes – Hung Up In Mid-Air

Tyrone Ashley – Looks Like Love Is Here To Stay

Street People – You’re My One Weakness Girl

Collins & Collins – Top Of The Stairs

Barbara Law – Can You Read My Mind

Main Ingredient – Happiness Is Just Around The Bend

The Trammps – The Night The Lights Went Out

Bobby Boyd – Love Goddess

Spinners – Split Decision

Great Lakes Orchestra – This Is The Night For Loving

EJ Rice – Will You Be Coming Back

The Sins Of Satan – Dance And Free Your Mind pt 1

The J’s – When Did You Stop

Terry Callier – Ordinary Joe

Brown Sugar – I’m Going Through Changes Now

The Whispers – Don‘t Take Your Love

Dustin Wilson – Have Some Sympathy

Malinga Five – Kaloule Woman

Maxine Brown – Let Me Give You My Lovin‘

Watts Line – Never Stop Lovin’ Me

Monday After – Merry Go Round

Truth – Coming Home Moment Of Truth – Helplessly

Sidney Joe Qualls – I Don’t Do This (To Every Girl I Meet)

Larry Saunders – On The Real Side

Patti Austin – Are We Ready For Love

Patterson Twins – Gonna Find A True Love

Ann Sexton – You‘ve Been Gone Too Long

Larry Brown – Breaking Training

Rock Candy – Alone With No Love

Rochelle Raboüin – This Is My Year

Alfie Davison – Love Is Serious Business

King Tutt – You‘ve Got Me Hung Up

Alonzo Turner – Whoever Said It

Moment Of Truth – Love At First Sight

Executive Suite – When The Fuel Runs Out

Quinn Harris – I Will Always Love You

Family Of Eve – Please Be Truthful

Universal Robot Band – Love And Understanding

Round Robin – Our Love Is So True

Ray Dahrouge – Steppin’ Out

Donnell Pitmann – Love Explosion

Eon – We’ll Go On

Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 208

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Benita – Time For A Change

Split Decision – Watchin‘ Out

Veda – What It’s All About

Benny Rose – It‘s Only You

Rita Joyce – Back Home Again “

Ben Vereen – By Your Side

Eleanore Mills – Same Routine

Peabo Bryson – Why Don‘t Make Up Your Mind

Brief Encounter – What About Love

Richard Caiton – Where Is The Love

The Four Tracks – Charade

Eddie Billups & The C.C.C.‘s – Shake Off That Dream

Lou Bond – Why Must Our Eyes Always Turned Backwards

The Natural Resources – If There Were No You

Jackie Wilson – I‘ve Learned About Life

Joanie Sommers – Don‘t Pity Me

Al Downing – I‘ll Be Holding On

Lee Moore – Bodywork

Bobby King – If You Don‘t Want Love

Jackie Moore – Can You Tell Me Why

Gateway – Can‘t Accept The Fact

Bill Brown & The Soul Inceptions – Dreamworld Fantasies

Charles Johnson – Never Had A Love So Good

Flashlight – I Can Be

The Futures – Party Time Man

The Tymes – Someway Somehow I‘m Keepin‘ You

Street People – Never Get Enough Of Your Love

Between The Two – Take A Little Time

Darrow Fletcher – (Love Is My) Secret Weapon

Don Thomas – Come On Train

Popsicles – These Are The Good Times

Eloise Laws – Love Factory

Universe City – Can You Get Down

Anthony White – Hey Baby

Invitations – We Don’t Allow

Sandy Mercer – You Are My Love

Lynn Cavanaugh – It Feels So Good

Chuck Cissel – Don‘t Tell Me You‘re Sorry

Wendell Watts – You Girl

Stevie Wonder – If You Really Love Me

Donny Gerrard – He‘s Always Somewhere Around

Joel Ramirez – I‘ll Call You Every Morning

Ruby Wilson – I Thought I Would Never Find Love

Millie Jackson – House For Sale

David Simmons – Will They Miss Me

Made In USA – Never Let You Go

Willie Tee – Walkin‘ Up A One Way Street

Billy Woods – Let Me Make You Happy

The Montclairs – Hey You! Don‘t Fight It!

Star Quake – Don‘t You Know I Love You

Dee Dee Bridgewater – Sweet Rain

The Detroit Spinners – I Just Want To Fall In Love

Gloria Scott – (A Case Of Too Much Lovemakin‘)

Azwon – Fair Weather Friend

David Ruffin – Questions

Ralph Graham – Changing Up My Life

Ray Dahrouge – Lifetime Guarantee Of Love

GD & The Big J – Movin On

Flipside – Music (Gets Me High)

N. F. Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure

Hokis Pokis – Nowhere

Powerful People – Can’t Shake My Love

The Fantastic Johnny C – Don‘t Depend On Me

Gavin Christopher – This Side Of Heaven

LaRombé – You‘re The Best

True Image – Keep Me Dancing

Sons Of Robin Stone – Got To Get You Back

Boogieman Orchestra – Lady Lady Lay

Limmie Funk LTD – Saturday‘s The Night

Mighty Whites – Given My Life

Anderson Brothers – I Can See Him Loving You

Vivian Reed – I Feel The Earth Move

Nate Calhoun – Fun Town

The Secrets – Save Me

Bobby Hutton – Lend A Hand

Jerry Butler – Ordinary Joe

Terry Callier – Gotta Get Closer To You

Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 193

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Jimmy Mack – Pop Goes The Weasel

Garland Green – Come Through Me

Chapter 8 – Let‘s Get Together

The Summits – I‘ll Never Say No

Imperials – Who Is Gonna Love Me

Billy Cole – Smile

The Chi-Lites – Try My Side Of Love

Johnny Adams – You‘re A Bad Habit Baby

Garland Green – I‘ve Quit Running The Streets

Pete Warner – I Just Want To Spend My Life With You

Ace Spectrum – Beautiful Love

Touch Of Class – Don’t Want No Other Lover

Fluorescent Smogg – All My Life

Al & The Kids – Good Times

Rokk – Patience

David Simmons – Holdin’ Back

Four Tops – Are You Man Enough

Randy Brown – I‘m Always In The Mood

Ben E. King – You’ve Only Got One Chance To Be Young

Pat Lundi – Party Music

John Edwards – How Can I Make It Without You

The Fantastic Shakers – The Wrong Side Of Me

Sunny Gale – I Wanna Know

Gateway – Can‘t Accept The Fact

Bettye Swann – Kiss My Love Goodbye

Ernest Baker – Alone Again

Marcia Hines – You Gotta Let Go

Brenda Russell – Way Back When

Cloudburst – I‘m Loving You

Solid Gold Revue – She‘s So Good

Lee McDonald – I‘ll Do Anything For You

Brothers Guiding Light – Getting Together

Lenard Lidell – When You‘ve Fallen Out Of Love

Flame N King – Ho Happy Day

David Ruffin – I Can‘t Stop The Rain

Brothers By Choice – Young Single And Free

Four Below Zero – My Baby’s Got E.S.P.

Marlena Shaw – Love Has Gone Away

Tavares – It Only Takes A Minute

Dramatics – No Rebate On Love

Philly Devotions – Hurt So Bad

Ultra High Frequency – We’re On The Right Track

The Dells – All About The Paper

Eddie Billups – Shake Off That Dream

Crown Heights Affair – Dreaming A Dream (Disco Mix)

Carol Douglas – Let Me Come Into Your Life

Norfolk – Cowboys To Girls

Delegation – Stand Up

China Burton – You Don’t Care About Our Love

O.T. Syke – Stone Crush On You

Billy Frazier – The Mind Blower

Marboo – What About Love

Jackie Moore – Heart Be Still

The Brothers – Secret Place

Dunn & Bruce Street – The Moment Of Truth

The Creators – Just You And Me

The Charisma Band – Ain‘t Nothing Like Your Love

Marva Hicks – Looking Over My Shoulder

Love Committee – Where Will It End

Leon Thomas – Love Each Other

Larry Santos – Can‘t Get You Out Of My Mind

Lew Kirton – Heaven In The Afternoon

Vincent Montana – That‘s What Love Does

Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 186

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The Finishing Touch – Second Best 
Four Tops – Whenever There‘s Blue 
Brown Sugar – The Game Is Over 
Bay Brothers – What Does It Take 
Jackie Moore – How's Your Love Life Baby
Damon Shawn – Feel The Need 

Randolph Brown – It Ain‘t Like It Used To Be

Pink Family – Don‘t Give Your Life Away

Len Boone – There’s No Me Without You

David Ruffin – Who I Am

Solaris – You And Me

Rance Allen Group – Ain’t No Need Of Crying

Cornelius Brothers – Too Late To Turn Back Now

Alvarez – Sooner Or Later

Al Johnson – Too Late

Infinity – Put Everything In Place

The Nights – Love Knocked You Down

Act I – It‘s The Same Story

State Department – Slow Love

Shirley Finney – Pray Again

Jan Jones – Independent Woman

Vessie Simmons – I Can‘t Make It On My Own

Tony Middleton – Lady Fingers

Black Stash – Mighty Love

Bill Brandon – We Fell In Love While Dancing

Ice – Reality

Melba Moore – Something On Your Mind

Ronnie Walker – No One Else Will Do

Four Tops – Am I My Brother‘s Keeper

Joe Tex – All The Heaven A Man Really Needs

B.W. & The Next Edition – Work Work Work

The True Pages Of Life – Truth And Love

Wilson Williams – I Like Being In Love With You

Tony Fox – Love, Let Love And Be Loved

S.S.O. – I‘m Your Baby

Touch – Me And You

Cory Braverman – I Saw The Light

Patti Austin – Didn‘t Say A Word

The Independents – I Love You, Yes I Do

Whirlwind – Full Time Thing

Tyrone Thomas – You‘re Hardly Gone

Stan Ivory – Come Live With Me

Norman Connors – Once I’ve Been There

Jean Carn – Time Waits For No One

Ace Spectrum – Keep Holding On

Ace Spectrum – Don’t Send Nobody Else

Flashlight – Beware, She’s Pulling My Strings

Cool Runners – Play The Game

General Johnson – Can’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do

Lee Garrett – How Can I Be A Man

Walter Jackson – Good To See You

Emanuel Laskey – I’d Rather Leave On My Feet

The Montclairs – Unwanted Love

Winfield Parker – I Wanna Be With You

Ellipsis – People

Ivan Neville – Dance Your Blues Away

Santiago – Mr. Love

Udell – Won‘t You Try

Freddie Empire – Let Me Give My Love

James Walsh Gypsy Band – Cuz It‘s You Girl

Eleanor Grant – This Time We‘re Really Through

Bobby Sheen – Something New To Do

Danny Williams – I Hate Hate

Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 177

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Sons Of The Kingdom – Hey There

Betty Wright – Keep Feelin’

Bobby Bland – I Ain‘t Myself Anymore

Cory Braverman – Take It Or Leave It

The Reflections – Day After Day

The Trammps – I Know That Feeling

Kat Roberts – Stand Up For What You Want

Spyder Turner – Get Down

Leon Ware – Inside Your Love

Jimmy Elledge – You Can‘t Stop A Man In Love

Jerry Blackshear – Defected

Sam Dees – Fragile, Handle With Care

Enchantment – Call On Me

Tribe Of Good – Raise Your Head

Mojoba – Say You Will

The Choice Four – Until We Said Goodbye

Phillip Wright – Keep Her Happy

Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee Eager – Ever Since I Can Remember

Gloria Scott – As Long As We’re Together

Madeline Bell – That‘s What Friends Are For

Straight Jacket – Greatest Part Of Loving You

Clara Lewis – Needing You

Walter Jackson – Touching In The Dark

The Live Band – A Chance For Hope

Herby Brown – One More Broken Heart

We The People – Making My Daydream Real

Mark IV – Signs Of A Dying Love (Unreleased Mix MK II)

Jerline & Friends – Tell Me

George Tindley – Pity The Poor Man

Timeless Legend – I Was Born To Love You

Sweet Daddy Floyd – I Just Can’t Help Myself

Soulvation Army – Dancin‘ On A Daydream

Four Tops – So Deep Within You

Hamilton Movement – She‘s Gone

Vance And Suzzanne – I Can’t Get Along Without You

Cornelius Brothers – Too Late To Turn Back Now

The Tymes – Interloop

Odia Coates – Showdown

Four Tops – I Just Can‘t Get You Out Of My Mind

Gloria Scott – What Am I Gonna Do

Fantastic Four – I Got To Have You Your Love

Al Hudson & The Soul Partners – When You‘re Gone

Rosey Jones – Have Love Will Travel

Leon Collins – I Just Wanna Say I Love You

Barbara Jean English – If It Feels This Good 113 comp disco love 4

The Invitations – Look On The Good Side 113 comp spirit of philadelphia

Melvin Moore – All Of A Sudden 113 comp xx soul spectrum

Arabi – Times Three 113 7

Jesse Henderson – I Did It Again 113 12

Bobby Thurston – Very Last Drop 113 12

Bill Harris – Am I Hot 113 7

Earl White – Very Special Girl 113 7

Cosmos Universal Band – Cosmos Third Eye

Johnny Bristol – Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me

Lenny Williams – Messin’ With My Mind

El Anthony – We‘ve Been In Love Too Long

Loleatta Holloway – I Know Where Your Coming From

Mandrill – Too Late

The Winstons – Colour My Father

Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 168

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Sherry Grooms – Me

Odia Coates – Leave Me In The Morning

Marlena Shaw – Don’t Ask To Stay Until Tomorrow

Jerry Butler – Never Gonna Give You Up

Vikki Carr – I Can’t Give Back The Love I Feel For You

Free Movement – The Harder I Try

Tavares – Never Had A Love Like This Before

Freda Payne – We’ve Gotta Find A Way Back To Love

The Independents – Lucky Fellow

Jimmy Ruffin – Tell Me What You Want

Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away

Jack Sass Band – Where Is The Love

Universal Love – It‘s You Girl

Willie Hutch – Easy Does It

Leon Haywood – The Streets Will Love You To Death

Connie Laverne – Can‘t Live Without You

Ray Godfrey – I Ain‘t Givin‘ Up

Tony Troutman – What‘s The Use

The Checkmates LTD – All Alone By The Telephone

Bloodstone – You Know We‘ve Learned

Gene Redding – This Heart

David Morris – Midnight Lady

Phillip Ballou – Ain‘t Nothing Like The Love

Martin Dumas – Attitude, Belief & Determination

Master Force – Hey Girl

Stevens & Foster – I Want To Be Loved

Baby Washington & Don Gardner – Lay A Little Lovin‘ On Me

Johnnie Taylor – You‘re The Best In The World

Touch Of Class – I’m In Heaven

The Ultimates – Girl I‘ve Been Trying To Tell You

Jean Carn – I‘m In Love Once Again

Dr. Mary Sullivan – Do You Know Black History

Wee – Try Me

Norfolk – Together

Jimmy Jones – Ain‘t Nothing Wrong Making Love

Steptones – Let The People Talk

The Friends Of Disctinction – When A Little Love Began To Die

Freda Payne – Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

Smoke – Have I Really Lost You

Ralph Graham – Ain‘t No Need

Odyssey – Battened Ships

Halo – Let Me Do It

Caviar – Never Stop Loving You

Curtis Anderson – The Hardest Part

Instant Funk – Can You See Where I‘m Coming From

The Spinners – Ghetto Child

Jacksons – Show You The Way To Go

Simon Said – Love Song

Nydia Caro – El Amor Entre Tu Y Yo

Bessie Banks – Don‘t You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come

Oscar Weathers – When You See What You Want

Clyde Brown – You Call Me Back

Trammps – Trusting Heart

Tavares – More Than A Woman

Lamont Dozier – Breaking Out All Over

The Jackson Sisters – I Believe In Miracles 
Donald Byrd – Loving You 
The Mayberry Movement – Two Wrongs Don‘t Make A Right 
First Class – Tell Me What You Want 

Al Wilson – Touch And Go

Adam Wade – Keeping Up With The Joneses

The Harden Brothers – Deep Inside Of You

The Inner-Section – I‘m In Debt To You

Tony Etroria – I Can Prove It

The Tams – This Precious Moment

Martha Velez – Up To You

Innervision – Honey Baby (Be Mine)

Corey Blake – How Can I Go On Without You

Ben Monroe – Broken Home

John Gary Williams – The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy

Esther Phillips – Just Say Goodbye

Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 163

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Arthur Adams – It‘s Private Tonight

George Benson – The Greatest Love Of All

The Stylistics – People Make The World Go Round

The Chants – I’ve Been Trying

The Mirettes – First Love

Diana Ross – Surrender

Bobby Wilson – Deeper And Deeper

Trumains – Ripe for The Pickin‘

Sam Baker – It‘s All Over

The Whispers – Will You Be Mine

The Friends Of Disctinction – Ain‘t No Woman

Heaven ‘N’ Hell – Whatcha Gonna Do

Bill Conti – You Take My Heart Away

Kathe Green – Beautiful Changes

Sandra Wright – I Come Running Back

J.P. Robinson – Our Day Is Here

Bobby Womack – Give It Up

Brotherly Love – Whole Lotta You In Me

Johnny Stark – Who Do You Love

The Fabulous Play Mates – Ain‘t Gonna Be No Fool

Buddy Miles – Pull Yourself Together
General Johnson – Don't Walk Away
David Ruffin – Walk Away From Love
Johnny Mathis – Loving You Losing You
Creative Source – You Can‘t Hide Love
Jimmy Randolph – You Have To Lose Love
Bobby Womack – Daylight
The Exits – Under The Street Lamp
Esther Phillips – Home Where Is The Hatred Is
Bill Brandon – The Streets Got My Lady
Bobby Wilson – Don‘t Shut Me Out
Freddie North – Love To Hate
Eula Cooper – Try
Elements – Hey Lady
Darrell Johnson – Days Gone Past
AWB – A Star In The Ghetto
Paulette Reaves – Let Me Wrap You In My Love
Gene Townsel – There‘s No Use Hiding
Eugene Record – Overdose Of Joy
James Bradley – Can‘t Get Enough Of Your Love

Diana Ross – Ain‘t No Mountain High Enough

Blood Hollins – How Have You Been

Magnetic Touch – Ain’t Gonna Be A Next Time

Al Hudson & The Soul Partners – I‘m About Lovin‘ You

Tolbert – I‘ve Got It

Cliff Holmes – I Need Ya Baby

Elements – Just To Be With You

Marian Love – Can‘t Forget About You Baby

Vivian Reed – Save Your Love For Me

Johnnie Taylor – What About My Love

Creative Source – Pass The Feelin‘ On

Seville – Show Me The Way

Flowers – For Real

Maxine Weldon – I Want Sunday Back Again

Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 155

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Different Shades Of Brown – Love Vibrations

Gene Redding – What Do I Do On Sunday Morning?

Stephanie Mills – I Took My Strength From You

Smith Connection – Under My Wings

Gladys Knight & The Pips – The Makings Of You

Tavares – She’s Gone

Gayle McCormick – Gonna Be Alright Now

Spinners – Games People Play

L.T.D. – Love Ballad

The Dramatics – Ocean Of Thoughts And Dreams

Debbie Taylor – I‘ve Learned To Do Without You

Tom Brock – If We Don‘t Make It, Nobody Can

Street People – Wanna Slowdance With You Baby

Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis – I Feel Love In This Room Tonight
Delfonics – Ready Or Not
Brenton Wood – You Better Believe It
The Fifth Dimension – Magic In My Life
Terry Callier – Just As Long We‘re In Love
Johnny Bristol – You And I
Bobby Womack – How Could You Break My Heart
Vaneese & Carolyn – The Goodbye Song
Dionne Warwick – Move Me No Mountain
Johnny Mathis/Deniece Williams – Emotion
The Five Stairsteps – Oooh Child
Brenda & The Tabulations – One Girl Too Late
Limmie Funk LTD – Can‘t Turn You Loose
David Porter – I‘m Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
Al Wilson – Show And Tell
Tal Armstrong – You‘ve Got So Much Feeling
Bobby Moore – Anything Man
Tyrone Davis – I Just Can’t Keep On Going
Jay Dee – I Can‘t Let You Go
Carol Williams – You‘re So Much A Part Of Me
The Miracles – Do It Baby
Al Johnson – I’m Back For More
Love Affair – Can‘t Stop Loving You
Buddy Miles – We Got Love
Patterson Twins – I Need Your Love
Love Committee – Heaven Only Knows
Thelma Jones – You’re The Song
Lamont Dozier – Take Off Your Make-Up
Lou Courtney – I Don‘t Need Nobody Else
Mahana – She Really Needs Love
Almeta Lattimore – These Memories
Spinners – One Of A Kind Love Affair
Greg Perry – One For The Road
John Edwards – Tin Man
Crystal Clear – Stay With Me
Woods Empire – Universal Love
Day Break – Everything Man
Johnny Bristol – Hang On In There Baby
Bobby Reed – The Time Is Right For Love
Labi Siffre – My Song

Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 141

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Tomorrow’s Children – Rain

Errol Brown – Dreads Leaving Babylon

Admiral Tibet – New Tactics Version

Pad Anthony – Serious Thing

King Kong – Moving To The Top

Nitty Gritty – Letting Off Steam

King Kong – Can’t Ride Computer

Home T, Cocoa T, Cutty Ranks – Going Gets Rough Version

Robert Lee – Come Now

Conroy Smith – Sugar Me

Junior Delgado – Run Come

Admiral Tibett – Curfew

Junior Delgado – Blackman Heart Version

Doc Alimentado – Poison Flour

Chosen Few – People Make The World Go Round

Lucan Scissors – Music Family

Dennis Brown – The Exit

Swade – Slip Through Your Fingers

Wayne Smith – My Lord My God

Tonto Irie – Life Story

Daddy Lilly – Computer Track

Sugar Daddy – Sweet Soca Music

Sugar Daddy – Sweet Soca Music Instrumental

Don Hutson – Dynamite Hudson

Owen Gray – Give Me A Little Sign

Donovan Carless – Be Thankful

Jennifer Lara – I Am In Love

Jennifer Lara – I Am In Love Part 2

Itopia – Never Could Love This Way

Jennifer Lara – Woman Of The Ghetto

I-Roy – Sidewalk Killer

Chosen Few – Shaft

Jazzwad – Version Scare Dem

Steven Lenky Marsden – Lenky’s Instrumental

Sheila Hylton – It’s Gonna Take A Lot Of Dub

BB Seaton – Dancing In The Moonlight

Tappa Zukie – Freak

Derrick Harriott – Message From A Black Man

African Roots – Addis Ababa

Janet Kay – Silly Games

Felion & Rocker’s All Stars – Rice And Peas In The Ghetto

Capital Letters – Smoking My Ganja

Dennis Bovell – Jughead Dubplate Mix

Tiger – Rap Pon Rydim

Tiger – Rap Pon Rydim Version

Michael Rose – World Crisis Version

The Mighty Two – Golden Dub

Family Man – Dub Maker

King Tubby – Rockers Style Dubplate

Augustus Pablo – West Abyssinia Dub

Lee Perry & The Upsetters – History Dub

Soul Syndicate – Stop The War Version

Black Roots Players – What A Situation Version

Dub Judah – Babylon Is A Trap

Twinkle Brothers – Never Get Burn Version

Kiddus I – Graduation In Zion

The Revolutionaries – Jah No Partial Dub Plate Mix

Black Roots Players – Come Make We Rally Version

Johnny Clarke – Play Fool Fe Get Wise

The Revolutionaries – Slave Drive Dub

Sister Rasheda – Shashamane I

Prince Buster All Stars – Idi Amin Version

Enos McLeod – Jericho Version

Gregory Isaacs – Mr. Know It All

Little John – 51 Storm

Trinity – Vampire

Dennis Brown – Ray Symbolic Love Jah Dub Special

C. Hewie – Version

Sugar Minott – Ghetto-ology Version

Nya & Natty – One Love Stylee

The Revolutionaries – It Ago Dread Dub Plate Mix

K.C. White – Dub Of Ethiopia

Johnny Clarke – Every Knee Shall Bow

Vybz Kartel – World War Riddim

Reggae Regular – Give Thanks And Praise Version

Colour Red – Natty Dreadlocks Version

Shaka Allstars – Jam Tone Dub

Gregory Isaacs – Give A Little Love

Jah Warrior – Visionary Dubplate Mix

Aquizim – Wake Up Version

Sugar Minott – Hold On Version

The Wailers – Guided Missile

Admiral Tibet – Victim Of Babylon Version

The Wailers – Work

Banana Man – Musical Murder

Sly & The Taxi Gang – Version Step Up

Derek Bob & Clive – Stupid Fuckin Cunt

Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 121

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