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Rewind: rRoxymore on “KMS 049 B1”

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In discussion with rRoxymore on “KMS 049 B1” by Chez Damier (1993).

What was the first time you heard this track?

I think I heard that track on a recorded DJ mix that was often played in a local radio where I grew up. It was a mix by Darren Emerson, if I remember correctly, recorded during one of these epic raves at that time. Eventually I had that mix recorded on a tape myself, and I was playing it from time to time in my teenage bedroom after school or on weekends. This was in the mid 90’s I think. I never knew who was the producer of the track at that time, I discovered it years after.

Why does it stand out for you? What makes it so special?

It brings me right back to my raving teenage years, just listening to that tape in my bedroom. I think what has always caught me in that track is that gimmick, the weeping sound of the chords, it sounds almost like breathing, and also it is difficult to identify how that sound has been made. Is it the sound of a keyboard chords, or strings, or voices mixed with strings and something else? It has always been a mystery for me and and it still is. That sound, which is obviously the signature of the track, has an unusual character. It is almost some sound design. Even though I guess it is a just preset on a synth, haha. It has always stood out from the dance music production of that time and still is. Maybe because it makes it more difficult to categorize it. Just compare it to the A side which is obviously a House music track. The B side is much more ambiguous stylistically in terms of aesthetics. Is it House music or is it Techno music? That is why I like it so much.

The A-side of this record is probably as legendary. Do you like it as well?

Yes I like it too, but for me it sounds definitely more like a classic House track. Even though, as you said, it became legendary. Read the rest of this entry »

rRoxymore – Tautologies EP

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Macro M43 – rRoxymore – Tautologies EP