2023-08-23 Finn Johannsen – At Your Remix Service Vol.2

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Steve Arrington – Dancing In The Key Of Life (Dimitri Mix)

Adamski – Killer (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Lisa Stansfield – Set Your Loving Free (Chris Cox Mix)

Taylor Dayne – I’ll Wait (Tim Prezzano Mix)

Bizarre Inc. Feat. Angie Brown – Took My Love (Troy Sands Mix)

José & Luis – Queen’s English (Ron Hester Mix)

Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives (Robin Durling & Latif Charania Mix)

Frankie Knuckles – Tears (Dimitri Mix)

Class Action – Weekend (Dimitri Mix)

Mike Hitman Wilson – Another Sleepless Night (DMC Remix)

Michael Watford – So Into You (Stephen L. Freeman Mix)

Ten City – Whatever Makes You Happy (Greg Fenton & Lee Thompson Mix)

Diana Ross – Someday We’ll Be Free (Chris Cox)

Sharon Brown – I Specialize In Love (Tim Prezzano Mix)

Sabrina Johnston – Peace (Dimitri Remix)

Ten City – My Piece Of Heaven (Glenn Cattanach Mix)

Lectroluv Remix Project – The Difference (Chris Cox & Ron Hester Mix)

Nitro Deluxe – This Brutal House (Greed Mix)

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Firecracker (Mike Gray Remix)

M.C. Crown – Situation (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Corporation Of One – The Real Life (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Saint Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

Mr. Fingers – What About This Love (Ron Hester Mix)

Jesus Loves You – After The Love (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Inner City – Do What You Feel (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Bizarre Inc. – Love In Motion (D.J. EFX Mix)

Kathy Sledge – Take Me Back To Love (Steve Anderson Mix)

D-Mob – That’s The Way Of The World (Mark Watkins Mix)

Impedance – Tainted Love (“The Raging George & Martha Mix” By J.R. Clements)

The Associates – Club Country (Dakeyne Remix)

Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Mark Watkins Mix)

Diana Ross – The Boss (Stephen L. Freeman Mix)

Jellybean – The Real Thing (Skank Thompson & Paul Scott Mix)

West End Feat. Sybil – The Love I Lost (Stephen L. Freeman Remix)

Paul Varney – Open The Door To Your Heart (Steven Tucker Mix)

Eurythmics – Love Is A Stranger (“Stranger Days Mix” By Peter Fenton & Steve Smith)

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Dead Or Alive – Your Sweetness Is Your Weakness (“Silver Bullet Mix” By Peter Fenton)

Erik – Got To Be Real (Deuce’s Disco Daddy Mix)

Joey Negro – Love Fantasy (Claudio Coccoluto Mix)

Jimi Polo – Better Days (Sasha Mix)

Sheila B. Devotion – Spacer (Dimitri Mix)

Electronic – Disappointed (Ron Hester Mix)

Cola Boy – 7 Ways To Love (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

Prefab Sprout – If You Don’t Love Me (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

Björk – I Miss You (Steven Tucker Mix)

Electronic – Getting Away With It (Mark Watkins Mix)

Electronic – Getting Away With It (“Raindance Mix” By Peter Fenton & Steve Smith)

Our Tribe Feat. Franke Pharoah – Love Come Home (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

Prince – When Doves Cry (Dakeyne Mix)

Rhythmcentric – Your Love Is With Me (Jim Thias Mix)

Celine Dion – Misled (Ron Hester Mix)

Bizarre Inc. – Love In Motion (Josh Wink Mix)

Bronski Beat – Why? (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Chris Rea – On The Beach (Rod Layman & Clare Pearce Mix)

Jimmy Ruffin – Hold On To My Love (Jim Hopkins Mix)

The Specials – Gangsters (Dakeyne Mix)

Pigbag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag (Chad J Mix)

The Monitors – Tears Of A Clown (Infinity Remix)

Evelyn Champagne King – Shame (Edwin Bautista Mix)

The Christians – Forgotten Town (Sound Foundation Mix)

2023-08-17 Finn Johannsen – At Your Service Vol.1

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Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It (Ben Liebrand Mix)

Will Downing – Free (Steve Anderson Mix)

Amii Stewart – Friends (Mike Gray Remix)

Kenny Thomas – Thinking About Your Love (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Carly Simon – Why (Deep Recess Mix)

Lindy Layton – Silly Games (Mike Gray Mix)

Kym Sims – Too Blind To See It (Orde Meikle & Stuart MacMillan Mix)

Dimitri – Summer Vibes

Hi Gloss – You’ll Never Know (Jeff Page Mix)

Massivo – Loving You (Orr-Some Mix)

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I’m a Wonderful Thing Baby (Mike Gray Mix)

Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You (Steve Anderson Mix)

Innocence – Let’s Push It (Steve Anderson Remix)

Quartz Feat. Dina Carroll – It’s Too Late (Mike Gray Mix)

Sagat – Fuk Dat (Josh Wink Mix)

D’Bora – Dream About You (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Pet Shop Boys – Liberation (Chris Cox Mix)

Bee Gees – Night Fever (Chris Cox Mix)

OMD – Souvenir (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)

Mica Paris – My One Temptation (Steve Anderson Mix)

Sly & The Family Stone – Family Affair (Sure Is Pure Mix)

Diana Ross – Upside Down (John Dickinson & John Moffett Mix)

Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Dimitri Mix)

Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That (Ben Liebrand Remix)

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Rod Layman & Ashley Casselle Mix)

Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing (Peter Slaghuis Mix)

Chic – Good Times (Bizarre Inc Mix)

Dominatrix – The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Duran Duran – Save A Prayer (The Thunder In Our Hearts Mix)

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Jody Watley – I’m The One You Need (Glenn Cattanach Mix)

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Back Together Again (Steve Anderson Mix)

Harriet – Temple Of Love (Bruce Forest Mix)

Sister Sledge – He’s The Greatest Dancer (E-Smoove Mix)

Shalamar – Second Time Around (Peter Slaghuis Remix)

Gloria Estefan – Cherchez La Femme (Stephen L. Freeman Mix)

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Billy Ocean – Nights (Stonebridge Mix)

Degrees Of Motion – Do You Want It (Right Now) (Sure Is Pure Mix)

Jesus Loves You – Generations Of Love (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Thompson Twins – In The Name Of Love ’88 (Michael Marshall Mix)

Frazier Chorus – Nothing (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Culture Club – Time (Clock Of The Heart) (Chris Cox Mix)

Whitney Houston – Love Will Save The Day (Jellybean & David Morales Mix)

The Brand New Heavies – Sometimes (Ron Hester Mix)

Deee-Lite – Good Beat (Glenn Cattanach Mix)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (“Acid Remix” By Michael Marshall & Steve Smith)

Bee Gees – Tragedy (Rod Layman Remix)

Adeva – It Should Have Been Me (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

When In Rome – I Promise (Mr. E Mix)

The Beloved – The Sun Rising (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Secret Life – Always (Greed Mix)

SOS Band – Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Ron Hester Mix)

First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (Dimitri Mix)

Change – Searching (Graeme Park Mix)

Clubland – Hypnotized (Troy Sands Mix)

Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy (Robert Farrell Mix)

Jomanda – I Cried The Tears (Stephen L. Freeman Mix)

Betty Boo – Catch Me (John Moffett Mix)

Dina Carroll – Why Did I Let You Go (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Skipworth & Turner – Thinking About Your Love (The Greed Remix)

Michael McDonald – All We Got (Chris Cox Mix)

Bobby Brown – That’s The Way Love Is (Chris Cox & Ron Hester Mix)

ABC – Say It (Glenn Cattanach Mix)

New Order – Confusion (Dimitri Remix)

Sub Sub – Respect (Luvdup Remix)

Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing (Philip Kelsey Mix)

A 10 Track Guide To The Funky World Of Old-School Disco Re-Edit Services

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The DJs of the disco era not only struggled with belt-driven turntables, they also had to cope with live drumming and music arrangements that distracted their crowds. So some of them took scissors and tape and did their own edits. And some were so good at it that they earned a reputation and a studio career with it, and their edits or remixes became as popular as the music they were using, or even more. The first remix service label to gather and publish these efforts was Disconet, as early as 1977. Early remix service releases often contained medleys or little sets mixed by club DJs (foreshadowing the megamixes of the years to come), but more and more the remixes and edits became the centre of attention. In just a few years very many different remix service labels came into being, with different in-house remixers and musical agendas. The appeal of the idea began to fade when labels included their own assigned official remixes on their releases, and an increase in copyright issues in the 90s meant that most remix services went out of business. But even if the legal situation in the preceding years was quite unclear, the creative potential was not. From local to widely acclaimed DJs and from established to emerging studio talents a lot of people had their go at popular or obscure music and came up with lasting results, and they paved the way for the more modern and still thriving edit scene.

Abba – Lay All Your Love On Me (Peter Slaghuis Remix) (Buy This Record, 1981)

This is actually a remix of a Raul Rodriguez remix originally released on Disconet. Peter Slaghuis extended the weird start-stop-breaks to highly irritating three minutes before the song kicks in at last, like a hymn from the heavens descending onto a crash derby. The breaks continue to disrupt the song throughout the whole record, the loops are edited quite heavy-handedly, and the sound quality is really atrocious. Still this is a remarkable example of how radical an edit can be, and it was even more radical when it came out. And it still works a treat on the floor.

Edwin Hawkins Singers – Tomorrow (Steve Algozino Remix) (Hot Tracks, 1982)

Steve Algozino added synth and edited a four minute album track into a seven minute disco plea for a better tomorrow. For those who like to compare a good night out to a religious experience, including telling it from all mountain tops.

Viola Wills – Stormy Weather (John Sollas & Scotty Blackwell Remix) (Disconet, 1982)

Eleven minutes of drama and a whole lot of thunderous sound effects, of which the original version inexplicably had none. It is totally overdone, but it is also quite impressive too. And you might actually be soaking wet if you dance the whole thing through.

B.B. & Band – All Night Long (Will Crocker & Jack Cardinal Remix) (Disconet, 1982)

An excellent version of this heavily funked up italo disco sequencer boogie classic. The changes are mainly in length and structure, but they sure sound as if they were needed.

Stephanie Mills – Pilot Error (Hot Tracks, 1983)

The original version on the Casablanca label has a really superior pressing quality, but the wild flanger action on this more than makes up for that. It shoots a slightly eerie, but still earthbound boogie gem into outer space. Flight time also extended.

Lipps Inc. – Funkytown (Bob Viteritti Edit) (Hot Tracks, 1984)

An anthem at San Francisco‘s Trocadero Transfer club, edited by its very own resident DJ Bob Viteritti. The spacetastic additional synths are played by none other than the legendary Patrick Cowley, a regular at the club, and they open up a whole other universe.

Jimmy Ruffin – Hold On To My Love (Robbie Leslie Remix) (Disconet, 1984)

A sweet little Robin Gibb co-written soul mover, until New York City‘s Saint resident DJ Robbie Leslie decided to turn it into an anthem of epic proportions, particularly by riding the enormous refrain for five extra minutes. This was actually the last record the crowd ever danced to at the Saint‘s closing weekend, which really says a lot.

Mari Wilson – Let‘s Make This Last (Razormaid, 1984)

This track was an unusual release for the Compact Organization label‘s 60‘s beehive pop revivalist diva. But that the Razormaid remix team completely restructured and improved the original version was very usual for their standards, resulting in an even smarter take on Hi-NRG.


Roxy Music – Angel Eyes (Joseph Watt Remix) (Razormaid, 1984)

Needs more suspense in the first bit and inbetween, thought Razormaid, but they also added sophistication to the whole song. And bringing one of the best dressed style icons to the club surely was no mistake either.

Machine – There But For The Grace Of God (Glenn Cattanach Edit) (Hot Tracks, 1987)

This just neglects the piano intro, you may think, and instead uses a looped groove to ease into the song. It also extends the break, and adds an outro loop at the end. Well, this is not the only blueprint for the more recent editing of disco tracks for DJ convenience purposes, but it shows how you achieve better mixability while leaving all the greatness of the source material untouched. Even consider it a reminder.

Hard Corps – Lucky Charm (Razormaid, 1987)

A lot of Razormaid releases are easier to mix than the original versions, wrecking a lot of intros in the process. Then again Razormaid were always quite ambitious in terms of restructuring, and also quite subtle in adding their own trademark sound design without taking away anything that should not be taken away. And Razormaid have a cult following for a reason.

Big Ben Tribe – Heroes (Steve Bourasa Edit) (Rhythm Stick, 1990)

I always felt the dreamy italo disco take on the David Bowie classic was near perfect, but it should last longer, without risking this perfection. Thankfully I found this edit by Steve Bourasa, who apparently thought exactly the same, and he had the skills.

Dead Or Alive – Your Sweetness Is Your Weakness („Silver Bullet“ Mix by Peter Fenton) (Art Of Mix, 1991)

Dead Or Alive were actually really big in Japan. So big even that they released some of their music only in Japan, and some of their finest music too. Buying the original 12“ of this wonderful piano house romp will not come cheap, but do not worry, as there is this (still) affordable and fantastic version hidden on a 12“ on the Art Of Mix remix service, because they are not called remix services for nothing. The mix merges Dead Or Alive‘s „Son Of A Gun“ from 1986 with their Japanese market stormer, as if they were twins separated at birth.

P.M. Dawn – Set Adrift On Memory Bliss (Bradley Hinkle & Tim Robertson) (Ultimix, 1991)

P.M. Dawn did not win many hearts in the hip hop scene when they sampled a very popular blue-eyed soul ballad, and used the same seriously dope beat Eric B & Rakim on their seminal „Paid In Full“. Rakim and Prince Be are really hard to compare, I admit. This remix even only slightly alters the original. Well until there is a break and then the second half is Spandau Ballet‘s song in its entirety riding the very same seriously dope beat. Which is one of the greatest things ever.

Culture Club – Time (Clock Of The Heart) (Chris Cox Remix) (Hot Tracks, 1994)

I realized I am now old enough to accept that I will probably never find the vinyl with this remix for a price I can live with. So I might as well show it to anybody else. Culture Club‘s arguably finest moment, and in my humble opion one of the 80s finest pop moments as well, in a superlative remix that manages to double both length and listening pleasure. I would not change a second of it.


Electronic Beats 06/19

Finn Johannsen – Hot Wax 030

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Skatt – Walk The Night (Disconet)
September – The Lover In Me (Razormaid)
Sharon Brown – I Specialize In Love (Disconet)
Nathalie – My Love Won’t Let You Down (Razormaid)
Hazell Dean – They Say It’s Gonna Rain (Razormaid)
Brenda Taylor – My Heart’s Not In It (Disconet)
Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You (Disconet)
Stephanie Mills – Pilot Error (Hot Tracks)
Donna Garraffi – I’ve Got You Covered (Disconet)
Regina – Baby Love (Disconet)
Skyy – Show Me The Way (Disconet)
B. B. Band – All Night Long (Disconet)
Chas Jankel – Glad To Know You (Disconet)
The Human League – Fascination (Hot Tracks)
The B-52’s – Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland (Hot Tracks)
Tanz Waffen – Subversion (Razormaid)
David Bowie – Let’s Dance (Disconet)
Kid Creole – Caroline Was A Drop-Out (Razormaid)
Telex – Raised By Snakes (Razormaid)
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Hot Tracks)
Depeche Mode – Strangelove (Razormaid)
Vivien Vee – Blue Disease (Razormaid)
Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop (Razormaid)
Tantra – A Place Called Tarot (Disconet)
The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Welcome Aboard (Hot Tracks)

Finn Johannsen – Hot Wax 026

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Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vein – The One You Love (Disconet)
Elevation – Traitor (Razormaid)
The Weather Girls – No One Can You Love More Than Me (Disconet)
Risque – Starlight (Disconet)
Natasha – AM-FM (Disconet)
Colonel Abrams – Over And Over (Disconet)
Swing Out Sister – Surrender (Disconet)
Eighth Wonder – I’m Not Scared (Razormaid)
Propaganda – P Machinery/Frozen Faces (Razormaid)
Propaganda – Dr. Mabuse (Razormaid)
Do Piano – Alone (Razormaid)
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria (Razormaid)
Skipworth & Turner – Thinking About Your Love (Disconet)
Alphonse Mouzon – I’m Glad That You’re Here (Disconet)
Miquel Brown – Close To Perfection (Lightspeed)
Bucks Fizz – I Hear Talk (Disconet)
Cabaret Voltaire – Don’t Argue (Razormaid)
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Razormaid)
Miami Sound Machine – Falling In Love (Uh-Oh) (Disconet)
Grace Jones – Pull Up to The Bumper (Disconet)
Was (Not Was) – Robot Girl (Razormaid)
Kid Creole – Endicott (Razormaid)
Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing (Hot Tracks)
Risco Connection – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now (C.S.)
Sparks – With All My Might (Disconet)

Hot Wax: Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Razormaid Version)

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I really don’t like all these convenience product edits of rare or popular Disco and Synthpop material. With a bit of experience and practice you can learn the skills necessary to handle the original irregularities of drummers or sloppy rhythm programming, and maintain the already well executed aspects of the original arrangement over the DJ service straightness of most edits. I like people who deconstruct the source material and turn it into something else, even if it is only a respectful variation. I just do not see much merit in keeping the original and just streamlining it for better mixing. I am perfectly aware that this criticism may seem pointless, as most of today’s club setups for mixing are designed to have the choice what to play next as the only task left for the DJ, if at all. I have Zager and Evans’ In The Year 2525 in my head, predicting “some machine is doing that for you”.

When DJs began to make their own edits of tracks they liked to play in the late 70s, better mixing purposes admittedly played a role. But mostly the editing process was determined by personal preferences concerning the arrangement of a track, not determined by the aim to reduce every track to the same groove and functionality, regardless of arrangement. So they took out tape and scissors, and made intros end up in a kick drum in time, extended or cut breaks and other parts, dropped instruments or vocals they did not like, and often improved the source with individual versions and interpretations.

Many daring edits of that era were officially released, but the most radical approaches were to be found in the catalogues of the remix services. Disconet led the way in 1977, and soon all over the US and Europe DJs and producers were splicing reel-to-reels to let a certain track shine in the best possible way, and the remix services like hot Tracks, Razormaid, Ultimix, Art Of Mix, C.S., Landspeed and countless others gathered the results and distributed them back to the clubs. The records compiling the edits often contained original tracks and medleys as well, and tracks were segued to make the work for the DJ easier, who often played for hours on end in those days, several nights a week. The selection of the tracks per release was often frustrating. With a few sublime reworks there were also tracks included that were well cheesy to begin with, and did not get better after being worked on. Eurodance cheese, weird rock songs trying to cross over to the dance market, and lots of one hit wonders, with questionable hits. There was no other reason for the tracklisting than songs being pushed regardless of quality, and of course the individual taste of the editor at work. The edits also varied in quality, a lot were even rather crude, or as forgettable as the original material. But there were also a lot of edits that reconstructed what they were given to work with to a whole new level. Take Razormaid’s edit of the Pet Shop Boys’ West End Girls for example. The intro is easier to mix in their version, but were the official Shep Pettibone remix arguably sacrifices the song’s special appeal for dancefloor credentials, Razormaid manage to keep the tension by rearranging the elements and still achieve a track that works a treat in a club context.

I’ve been collecting remix service records for quite some time now, and starting with Hot Wax 026, I would like to dedicate an irregular series of shows to my personal favourites in that field.