Finn Johannsen – Can’t Give Up Paul Hunter Mix

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Brother Of Soul – Disco Era

Deep Sensation – Talkin’ (Hunter’s Original Mix)

Second Crusade – May The Funk Be With You

Second Crusade – Love And Happiness (Hunter’s Dub)

Deep Sensation – Get Together (Deep Vocal Mix)

Blak Beat Niks – Ooohhh (Deep Sensation Mix)

Brother Of Soul – DJ In The House

Space Jam – Chill Town New York

Space Jam – Jam On The Beat

Deep Sensation – All In My Mind (Deep Vocal Mix)

Niko Marks & City Boy Players – Love Love Love (Paul Hunter Mix)

Deep Sensation – Somehow, Somewhere (There’s A Soul Heaven)

Brother Of Soul – Eyes Of Love

Deep Sensation – Get Up (Remix)

Mindpower – Can’t Forget You (Deep Sensation Mix)

Brother Of Soul – Music

Deep Sensation – Can’t Give You Up

Brother Of Soul – Be Right There

Deep Sensation – Don’t Stop

Brother Of Soul – Brother’s Theme (Harlem Mix)

Pascal + Mr Day – Vision Of New World (Brother Of Soul Dub Mix)

Brother Of Soul – Hang Out And Hustle

Deep Sensation – Togetherness

Second Crusade – What I Had To Do

Robinson Wall Project – Deep Down (Deep Sensation Dub)

Deep Sensation – Listen (Dub Mix)

Small World – I Believe

Paul Hunter – Peaceful Morning