Theory Therapy 10: Finn Johannsen

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How are you today?

I am fine, thank you. My daughter will be home from school soon, and she had a test today, for a cycling license. She was very excited about it and I hope it all went well. Else I am pondering what we will have for lunch today, and I am thinking about fresh ideas to save Paloma, the club I am booking here in Berlin. Later my wife will be back from work and we will have some time together before I will meet a good friend, and I am thankful that such simple things are possible again. But right now I am listening to music and reading the news.

Can you tell us a little bit about the mix? What were you feeling when you made it?

I was actually playing two gigs in Melbourne and Sydney in March when the virus basically took my whole life apart back home on the other end of the world, which was very surreal and confusing.

Finn at Sydney Harbour in March, following his last gig in Australia with DJ Sprinkles.
Finn at Sydney Harbour in March, following his last gig in Australia with DJ Sprinkles.

I always loved playing this kind of sound, but a main reason to fully indulge in it again was my closing set at Inner Varnika two years ago where I ended the festival on this tip, and the result was a beautiful and lasting memory for me, and apparently many others. So there was a connection that came to my mind when you asked me. That, plus I feel too uncomfortable at the moment playing a club set like nothing happened. 

What I felt while actually mixing it? Gratitude for all the good times I had, the good music I found on the way, and the fine people I could share it with. I was feeling a bit hopeful too.  

Where did you record the mix?

At home, on a bright morning last Monday.

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

I really had none particular in mind. I am honestly not sure how the situation affects the way people listen to music, or if that has even changed. Ideally, it stills works in various settings, and it may succeed in making them more enjoyable.

Are there any tracks you’ve used in the mix that are special or significant to you?

Rather expectedly I love all the tracks I used, but being a bit older I always loved Paul Rutherford, and I realised I never had the opportunity to include this record of him crooning about the moon. So thank you!

What’s on the cards for 2020?

I was at the movies in 1992, watching “Sneakers”, and when every member of the team was asked to make a request in return for the decryption chip, Whistler said, “I want peace on earth and goodwill toward men.” That’s all I ask, too.

Interview and tracklist

Black Seeds – Cool Me Down

Epo – Koino Hito Hira

Natalie Williams – This Girl

Lindy Layton – Wait For Love

Keni Burke – Risin‘ To The Top

Lisa Stansfield – Never, Never Gonna Give You Up

Cheyenne – No Number 1

YBU – Soul Magic

Nikke Nicole – I Believe

Paul D.C. – Unofficial Business

Paul Rutherford – That Moon

Marvellous Marvin – What‘s Going On

Kyoko Koizumi – Yo-Ru

Loose Ends – Love‘s Got Me

Temper Temper – Talk Much

Salt-N-Pepa – Express Yourself

Marissa – Love Is Just A Game