Finn Johannsen – Hausmusik 30 (1998)

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2023-09-02 Live At Power Disco (Finn Johannsen)

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@ Power Disco

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2023-08-23 Finn Johannsen – At Your Remix Service Vol.2

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Steve Arrington – Dancing In The Key Of Life (Dimitri Mix)

Adamski – Killer (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Lisa Stansfield – Set Your Loving Free (Chris Cox Mix)

Taylor Dayne – I’ll Wait (Tim Prezzano Mix)

Bizarre Inc. Feat. Angie Brown – Took My Love (Troy Sands Mix)

José & Luis – Queen’s English (Ron Hester Mix)

Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives (Robin Durling & Latif Charania Mix)

Frankie Knuckles – Tears (Dimitri Mix)

Class Action – Weekend (Dimitri Mix)

Mike Hitman Wilson – Another Sleepless Night (DMC Remix)

Michael Watford – So Into You (Stephen L. Freeman Mix)

Ten City – Whatever Makes You Happy (Greg Fenton & Lee Thompson Mix)

Diana Ross – Someday We’ll Be Free (Chris Cox)

Sharon Brown – I Specialize In Love (Tim Prezzano Mix)

Sabrina Johnston – Peace (Dimitri Remix)

Ten City – My Piece Of Heaven (Glenn Cattanach Mix)

Lectroluv Remix Project – The Difference (Chris Cox & Ron Hester Mix)

Nitro Deluxe – This Brutal House (Greed Mix)

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Firecracker (Mike Gray Remix)

M.C. Crown – Situation (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Corporation Of One – The Real Life (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Saint Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

Mr. Fingers – What About This Love (Ron Hester Mix)

Jesus Loves You – After The Love (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Inner City – Do What You Feel (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Bizarre Inc. – Love In Motion (D.J. EFX Mix)

Kathy Sledge – Take Me Back To Love (Steve Anderson Mix)

D-Mob – That’s The Way Of The World (Mark Watkins Mix)

Impedance – Tainted Love (“The Raging George & Martha Mix” By J.R. Clements)

The Associates – Club Country (Dakeyne Remix)

Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Mark Watkins Mix)

Diana Ross – The Boss (Stephen L. Freeman Mix)

Jellybean – The Real Thing (Skank Thompson & Paul Scott Mix)

West End Feat. Sybil – The Love I Lost (Stephen L. Freeman Remix)

Paul Varney – Open The Door To Your Heart (Steven Tucker Mix)

Eurythmics – Love Is A Stranger (“Stranger Days Mix” By Peter Fenton & Steve Smith)

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Dead Or Alive – Your Sweetness Is Your Weakness (“Silver Bullet Mix” By Peter Fenton)

Erik – Got To Be Real (Deuce’s Disco Daddy Mix)

Joey Negro – Love Fantasy (Claudio Coccoluto Mix)

Jimi Polo – Better Days (Sasha Mix)

Sheila B. Devotion – Spacer (Dimitri Mix)

Electronic – Disappointed (Ron Hester Mix)

Cola Boy – 7 Ways To Love (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

Prefab Sprout – If You Don’t Love Me (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

Björk – I Miss You (Steven Tucker Mix)

Electronic – Getting Away With It (Mark Watkins Mix)

Electronic – Getting Away With It (“Raindance Mix” By Peter Fenton & Steve Smith)

Our Tribe Feat. Franke Pharoah – Love Come Home (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

Prince – When Doves Cry (Dakeyne Mix)

Rhythmcentric – Your Love Is With Me (Jim Thias Mix)

Celine Dion – Misled (Ron Hester Mix)

Bizarre Inc. – Love In Motion (Josh Wink Mix)

Bronski Beat – Why? (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Chris Rea – On The Beach (Rod Layman & Clare Pearce Mix)

Jimmy Ruffin – Hold On To My Love (Jim Hopkins Mix)

The Specials – Gangsters (Dakeyne Mix)

Pigbag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag (Chad J Mix)

The Monitors – Tears Of A Clown (Infinity Remix)

Evelyn Champagne King – Shame (Edwin Bautista Mix)

The Christians – Forgotten Town (Sound Foundation Mix)

2023-08-17 Finn Johannsen – At Your Service Vol.1

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Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It (Ben Liebrand Mix)

Will Downing – Free (Steve Anderson Mix)

Amii Stewart – Friends (Mike Gray Remix)

Kenny Thomas – Thinking About Your Love (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Carly Simon – Why (Deep Recess Mix)

Lindy Layton – Silly Games (Mike Gray Mix)

Kym Sims – Too Blind To See It (Orde Meikle & Stuart MacMillan Mix)

Dimitri – Summer Vibes

Hi Gloss – You’ll Never Know (Jeff Page Mix)

Massivo – Loving You (Orr-Some Mix)

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I’m a Wonderful Thing Baby (Mike Gray Mix)

Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You (Steve Anderson Mix)

Innocence – Let’s Push It (Steve Anderson Remix)

Quartz Feat. Dina Carroll – It’s Too Late (Mike Gray Mix)

Sagat – Fuk Dat (Josh Wink Mix)

D’Bora – Dream About You (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Pet Shop Boys – Liberation (Chris Cox Mix)

Bee Gees – Night Fever (Chris Cox Mix)

OMD – Souvenir (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)

Mica Paris – My One Temptation (Steve Anderson Mix)

Sly & The Family Stone – Family Affair (Sure Is Pure Mix)

Diana Ross – Upside Down (John Dickinson & John Moffett Mix)

Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Dimitri Mix)

Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That (Ben Liebrand Remix)

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Rod Layman & Ashley Casselle Mix)

Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing (Peter Slaghuis Mix)

Chic – Good Times (Bizarre Inc Mix)

Dominatrix – The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Duran Duran – Save A Prayer (The Thunder In Our Hearts Mix)

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Jody Watley – I’m The One You Need (Glenn Cattanach Mix)

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Back Together Again (Steve Anderson Mix)

Harriet – Temple Of Love (Bruce Forest Mix)

Sister Sledge – He’s The Greatest Dancer (E-Smoove Mix)

Shalamar – Second Time Around (Peter Slaghuis Remix)

Gloria Estefan – Cherchez La Femme (Stephen L. Freeman Mix)

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Billy Ocean – Nights (Stonebridge Mix)

Degrees Of Motion – Do You Want It (Right Now) (Sure Is Pure Mix)

Jesus Loves You – Generations Of Love (Steve Bourasa Mix)

Thompson Twins – In The Name Of Love ’88 (Michael Marshall Mix)

Frazier Chorus – Nothing (Jim Hopkins Mix)

Culture Club – Time (Clock Of The Heart) (Chris Cox Mix)

Whitney Houston – Love Will Save The Day (Jellybean & David Morales Mix)

The Brand New Heavies – Sometimes (Ron Hester Mix)

Deee-Lite – Good Beat (Glenn Cattanach Mix)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (“Acid Remix” By Michael Marshall & Steve Smith)

Bee Gees – Tragedy (Rod Layman Remix)

Adeva – It Should Have Been Me (J. Mark Andrus Mix)

When In Rome – I Promise (Mr. E Mix)

The Beloved – The Sun Rising (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Secret Life – Always (Greed Mix)

SOS Band – Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Ron Hester Mix)

First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (Dimitri Mix)

Change – Searching (Graeme Park Mix)

Clubland – Hypnotized (Troy Sands Mix)

Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy (Robert Farrell Mix)

Jomanda – I Cried The Tears (Stephen L. Freeman Mix)

Betty Boo – Catch Me (John Moffett Mix)

Dina Carroll – Why Did I Let You Go (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Skipworth & Turner – Thinking About Your Love (The Greed Remix)

Michael McDonald – All We Got (Chris Cox Mix)

Bobby Brown – That’s The Way Love Is (Chris Cox & Ron Hester Mix)

ABC – Say It (Glenn Cattanach Mix)

New Order – Confusion (Dimitri Remix)

Sub Sub – Respect (Luvdup Remix)

Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing (Philip Kelsey Mix)

Finn Johannsen – Hausmusik 29 (1998)

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Isolée – Initiate 2
Soylent Green – After All
C-Rock – Night Falls
Whirlpool Productions – Nothing
Frankie Patella – Sunshine
Jürgen Paape – Triumph 2
Marvin Dash – Small’s Paradise
Der Marschall & Herb LF – Rizzla Tune
Hair – Blances
Random Factor – Broken Mirror (Italo)
Hair – Polykur
System 360 – Canon
Losoul – Ex.or.zis.mus One + Hans Nieswandt – Freakapella

Finn Johannsen – Hausmusik 28 (1997-1998)

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Workshop – Brück Mauspfad (Mix)
Markus Nikolai – Rood
Eric D. Clark – Foreplay – Climax
The Timewriter – Lost In Lyrix
Lowtec – Early Portrait (Rmx)
Holy Garage – Diver Down
Dan Jordan – Michigan Flake
Popacid – When Love Breaks Down
The Last Disco Superstars – Starboogie (Elin’s “Disconights” Remix)
Whirlpool Productions – Crazy Music
Erobique – Tour de Pättkes
Whirlpool Productions – Guilty

Live At Power Disco (Ludwig Mausberg, Finn Johannsen)

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@ Power Disco

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Finn Johannsen – Trushmix 208

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Benita – Time For A Change

Split Decision – Watchin‘ Out

Veda – What It’s All About

Benny Rose – It‘s Only You

Rita Joyce – Back Home Again “

Ben Vereen – By Your Side

Eleanore Mills – Same Routine

Peabo Bryson – Why Don‘t Make Up Your Mind

Brief Encounter – What About Love

Richard Caiton – Where Is The Love

The Four Tracks – Charade

Eddie Billups & The C.C.C.‘s – Shake Off That Dream

Lou Bond – Why Must Our Eyes Always Turned Backwards

The Natural Resources – If There Were No You

Jackie Wilson – I‘ve Learned About Life

Joanie Sommers – Don‘t Pity Me

Al Downing – I‘ll Be Holding On

Lee Moore – Bodywork

Bobby King – If You Don‘t Want Love

Jackie Moore – Can You Tell Me Why

Gateway – Can‘t Accept The Fact

Bill Brown & The Soul Inceptions – Dreamworld Fantasies

Charles Johnson – Never Had A Love So Good

Flashlight – I Can Be

The Futures – Party Time Man

The Tymes – Someway Somehow I‘m Keepin‘ You

Street People – Never Get Enough Of Your Love

Between The Two – Take A Little Time

Darrow Fletcher – (Love Is My) Secret Weapon

Don Thomas – Come On Train

Popsicles – These Are The Good Times

Eloise Laws – Love Factory

Universe City – Can You Get Down

Anthony White – Hey Baby

Invitations – We Don’t Allow

Sandy Mercer – You Are My Love

Lynn Cavanaugh – It Feels So Good

Chuck Cissel – Don‘t Tell Me You‘re Sorry

Wendell Watts – You Girl

Stevie Wonder – If You Really Love Me

Donny Gerrard – He‘s Always Somewhere Around

Joel Ramirez – I‘ll Call You Every Morning

Ruby Wilson – I Thought I Would Never Find Love

Millie Jackson – House For Sale

David Simmons – Will They Miss Me

Made In USA – Never Let You Go

Willie Tee – Walkin‘ Up A One Way Street

Billy Woods – Let Me Make You Happy

The Montclairs – Hey You! Don‘t Fight It!

Star Quake – Don‘t You Know I Love You

Dee Dee Bridgewater – Sweet Rain

The Detroit Spinners – I Just Want To Fall In Love

Gloria Scott – (A Case Of Too Much Lovemakin‘)

Azwon – Fair Weather Friend

David Ruffin – Questions

Ralph Graham – Changing Up My Life

Ray Dahrouge – Lifetime Guarantee Of Love

GD & The Big J – Movin On

Flipside – Music (Gets Me High)

N. F. Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure

Hokis Pokis – Nowhere

Powerful People – Can’t Shake My Love

The Fantastic Johnny C – Don‘t Depend On Me

Gavin Christopher – This Side Of Heaven

LaRombé – You‘re The Best

True Image – Keep Me Dancing

Sons Of Robin Stone – Got To Get You Back

Boogieman Orchestra – Lady Lady Lay

Limmie Funk LTD – Saturday‘s The Night

Mighty Whites – Given My Life

Anderson Brothers – I Can See Him Loving You

Vivian Reed – I Feel The Earth Move

Nate Calhoun – Fun Town

The Secrets – Save Me

Bobby Hutton – Lend A Hand

Jerry Butler – Ordinary Joe

Terry Callier – Gotta Get Closer To You