Rewind: Rusty Egan on “Low” and “Heroes”

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In discussion with Rusty Egan on “Low” and “Heroes” by David Bowie (1977).

I assume you got into the albums “Low” and “Heroes” at the time they were released, but were you already a fan of his before that?

Yes, since Ziggy Stardust.

David Bowie was always famous for continuously reinventing his career, but did this phase particularly appeal to you?

Bowie’s Berlin Years I believe were the foundation of The Blitz Club playlist. Via Bowie I found Kraftwerk, and that lead to Neu!, Can, Cluster and Krautrock as it was called, Bryan Ferry then led to the work of Brian Eno, and his Ambient series …all this music lead to the basis of my collection. If you join the dots Bowie, Eno, Iggy, Kraftwerk, Mick Ronson, Lou Reed. Read the rest of this entry »