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Hausmusik is a chronological retrospective of club music from Germany, Austria and Switzerland from 1989 until… 

Artwork by the ever genius Philip Marshall.

This is quite a huge project, and it will probably last several years. Please note that the concept has nothing to do whatsoever with national pride, I do not have one patriotic inch in me.

I am doing it because:

  1. The music is great.
  2. It is a pandemic situation. If I cannot work creatively as I used to, I have silly ideas or go mad. Probably both.
  3. Whenever I played a record from this context at gigs in the past, somebody came up to me and asked me about its origin, and reacted with complete surprise when I told them.
  4. Being born and raised here, you get to meet people who do great music also born and raised here, or living here for a longer time. Some of them became friends, others I admire. Some are quite well known, some lesser so, some are not known at all. I wanted to pay my dues to all of them.
  5. Every record from Italy or Japan was already featured.
  6. Times are hard. I need to boost certain Discogs stocks.
  7. Club music from Germany, Austria and Switzerland? You mean like Techno? Mostly no.
  8. Club music from Germany, Austria and Switzerland? You mean like Minimal? Mostly no.
  9. Club music from Germany, Austria and Switzerland? You mean like House? Mostly yes.
  10. Haha, seriously?
  11. Yes, you’d be surprised.

Hausmusik is airing the first Thursday each month. I will also put the episodes online in a dedicated playlist with download option and tracklist at Soundcloud and hearthis, one week later.

I put up a list with the records I used. It will be updated as soon as I finish recording another episode, so you can check upcoming content if you are impatient:

Please also note, this retrospective is highly subjective. If I did not include a particular record you love (or produced), it is either because I do not know it, or I do not have it. But please feel free to tell me about it!

I hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as I do.

Hausmusik all night lang!

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  1. 1 Knusper said at 8:56 pm on April 13th, 2021:

    Richtig fett… Dem werde ich meine Ohren mit großem Interesse widmen.

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